The New York Post reports on the latest government hacking scandal, and no, it doesn’t involve Hillary. It seems that CIA director John Brennan was hacked by a pro-Palestine teenager and a collective known as “CWA.” Ever since the hack, it has been posting from a Twitter account about its victory.

The hacker broke down the steps taken to crack Brennan’s AOL account in a conversation with Wired, and it seems that all someone from CWA had to do was contact Verizon and claim Brennan’s account could not be accessed. The same trick worked against Comcast to slip into Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson’s personal e-mails.

The hackers maintained access to Brennan’s AOL account for about three days before it was disabled sometime Friday, and the CIA has been running damage control ever since. They claim that no sensitive documents were accessed, but CWA has been posting refuting evidence to the CIA’s statement.

Who knows what kind of a criminal mastermind we’re dealing with here? Anyone that can bring the CIA to its knees must be a truly sophisticated brand of criminal.

Or not.

Oh, and he claims to be a high school student.