There are many kinds of bad airline passengers—the crying baby, the rowdy kid, the senior chatterbox, the constant complainer—but now you can add a new one: the group of ravers who won’t stop partying.

An early morning flight from Glasglow, Scotland, to the Spanish island of Ibiza was nearly grounded because a group of older teens and younger twenty-somethings refused to stop yelling and playing loud music. In the above video, you can watch the passengers keep up a lively (loud-as-hell) singalong as an exasperated attendant firmly asks them to be quiet and stop swearing, due to the small children on the flight.

The antics aren’t all that surprising when you consider the destination. Ibiza has a world-class reputation for its wild, glorious nightlife. MTV Spain even has a Jersey Shore spinoff called Ibiza Shore that’s typically filmed on the isle, though the island’s president Vicent Torres and other irritated local politicians who are aiming to put a stop to it.

“That’s a side of Ibiza that we’re not interested in at all,“ said Torres, who doesn’t want to see the beautiful paradise becoming a regular hot spot for summer party animals like the recent raver-passengers or these girls.