As we all know, the Ice Bucket Challenge has started to become a little stale. So we’ve come up with 12 new ways that allow you to donate to charities, and more importantly, make a fool of yourself in front of your friends and family.

1. The Arcade Fire Challenge

Put on an Arcade Fire album in your car. Drive 400 miles. If you can make it 400 miles without intentionally driving your car into a median or off a cliff, you win! If you can’t, donate $100 to a Kars 4 Kids.

2. The PB Challenge

Take three tablespoons of peanut butter and jam it into your mouth. Put on any Twista or Dr. Dre song and try to rap the lyrics correctly. If you can’t, donate $100 to a local food bank. Do not donate money to Dr. Dre. He doesn’t need any more money.

3. The Popped Collar Challenge

Go to a college party. Find a guy who is wearing a Polo shirt with his collar popped. Hang out with him for the night. If you can go 3 hours without calling him a douche or kicking his ass, you win! If not, donate $100 towards the hospital bill.

4. The Iggy Azalea Challenge

See “The Arcade Fire Challenge,” but with Iggy Azalea. Whether you do it or not, donate $100 to Iggy Azalea. She could use the money when her music career falls off in about 6 months.

5. The Gym Challenge

Go to a gym. Make sure you’re not just going for a run, but there’s some real muscle man weightlifting going on. Get jacked bro. Now the challenge: After you leave, you are not allowed to post anywhere on social media that you were just at the gym. You can’t even tell anyone in person. If you cave and, say, post a bicep pic on Instagram, donate $100 to Fitness For Charity.

6. The Text Your Ex Challenge

Text your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Here’s the catch; it has to be something polite OR creepy. Examples: “I miss you!” “We should get lunch!” or, “I still have strands of your hair!” If you’re too scared to do so or end up getting back together, dump a bucket of spiders on your head. “Where do I get that many spiders?” you might ask. I don’t know. Figure it out.

7. The iMessage Challenge

Turn your iMessaging service off. Text like they did back in 2003! If you can stand feeling like a caveman for a whole day, great job! If not, donate $100 to someone who has an Android phone.

8. The Vegan Challenge (For vegans only)

Go a full day without talking about being vegan. If you can’t, donate $100 to PETA.

9. The Snapchat Challenge

Go to a party and don’t take any videos of it for your Snapchat Story. Also don’t send out any dick pics. You shouldn’t be doing that anyway you weirdo. If you can’t, donate $50 to Cell Phones for Soldiers.

10. The Mumford & Sons Challenge

You know. See #1 and #4. (NOTE: There have never been any survivors.)

11. The Baby Candy Challenge

This is a classic spin on “Taking Candy From a Baby.” Find a baby in a park and try to give him some candy. Do not let the mother see you. She will call the police. If you fail, you will likely be in jail so don’t worry about donations.

12. The Chipotle Netflix Combo Challenge (HARD)

If you’re able to successfully go a full week without eating at a Chipotle OR watching anything on Netflix, then this challenge is for you! Oh and by the way, you’re not allowed to complain about not eating at Chipotle or watching Netflix on Twitter either so you’re totally screwed. If you can’t cut it, donate $1000 worth of Chipotle to Meals on Wheels.

While the Ice Bucket Challenge might seem silly, it’s been a huge success in spreading awareness and funding research towards ALS. If you’d like to donate, visit

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