A great custom motorcycle grabs you from the moment you see it, and then continues to reel you in as you find out more about the build and wind up begging the builder to take all your money. Such is the case with Icon 1000’s new Triumph Thruxton custom build.

Icon 1000 started with a 2014 Thruxton and added a dose of ‘Merica into the British bike. The Verdoro green paint may look like traditional British racing green, but it actually comes from General Motors. The color was inspired by a 1968 Pontiac Firebird, “the only Pontiac that ever mattered,” according to Icon 1000.

Another touch of Americana comes from the wide Harley front fork which gives the 70s style Kawasaki rims that are covered in Avon tires a distinct look.

The olive color almost led to the bike being called “Olive-Garde” instead of Avant-Garde, but Icon 1000 was fearful of being sued by the folks behind the never-ending pasta bowl. After a few drinks, the Icon 1000 team settled on the name “Three Martini Lunch,” which is decidedly more badass even though it is not at all a good idea before hopping on a motorcycle this powerful.

via Icon 1000

via Icon 1000

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