To start, I feel I should clarify that I am not, nor have I ever been, a juggalo. I was raised in an area of the United States where Insane Clown Posse was more like a theory, as if they only existed in concept or jest. It seemed more like a wild idea, really, like, “What if those two guys in the corner of every house party started an evil circus and borderline wicked clown militia?”

But not only has ICP done that for 25+ years, they’ve become a cultural staple in some regard, where everyone knows they’re out doing what they do, somewhere. Sure, here and there, they pop into mainstream headlines, whether it’s for them starting their own wrestling federation or a juggalo gathering being the focal point of an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode.

This week, the horrorcore rap duo that is Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope are in the news because they had to cancel a show due to the venue management’s concern over the “Faygo Showers” that ICP performances have become known for. In case you—ya non-juggalo turkey, probably listening to Justin Timberlake, Cat Stevens, or some smooth jazz soundscapes—are wondering, yes, “Faygo Showers” are when they spray Faygo soda absolutely everywhere.

As dudes astoundingly dedicated to their fans, almost eternally with a vibe of “my cousin’s band,” Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope were naturally bummed.

What came as part of the cancellation was an announcement that makes me wish people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates did up press releases with this kind of syntax and tone.

Juggalos, tonight’s show at the North Park Observatory has been cancelled over concerns of venue damage due to all the Faygo throwing. Well, it aint an Insane Clown Posse show without Faygo so that means we’ve been left with no choice but to call off the show…as stale as f*ck as that is.

To all those SoCal/San Diego ninjas who bought tickets for tonight’s show…WE’RE SORRY AS F*CK! You can get your tickets refunded at their point of purchase. To everyone who purchased a VIP package from Hatchet Gear, we’ll be issuing you a refund promptly. However, WE ARE STILL MAILING YOU YOUR LIMITED VIP COMMEMORATIVE TOUR AMULET! It’s not your fault–our ours–that the show was cancelled, so you’re still receiving your charm in the mail.

Again, Juggalos, we’re super f*cking sorry about this and hopefully we can perform for our San Diego Juggalos at some point in the future. MCL!

Every musical act builds a legacy of experience differently and Faygo is a component of their shows. Without it, the vibe would be off for the rappers as well as the fans. It’d be like if a GWAR show didn’t have…well, actually, I don’t even know how to begin describing a GWAR show. The point is, while it may sound strange that a musical act canceled a show because they couldn’t go buck wild with soda pop, honestly ask yourself, have you ever been doused in sugary drink while listening to prophets of the Dark Carnival call out scientists for explaining magnets? I didn’t think so.

Maybe next time, ICP.

My Faygo…HEY!! #icp #marvelousmissinglinktour

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Who’s ready? #GOTJ (MoC)

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