Now THIS is interesting! The folks over at decided to embark on an interesting experiment in beauty and perceived beauty around the world. Everyone knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but different countries and different societies have different ideas of what beauty actually is. In order to get a clearer perception of what is considered the “ideal” body type is for women around the globe, they sent the same image to 18 graphic designers from 18 different countries. The designers, 14 females and 4 males, were then asked to alter the image based on their region’s standard of beauty. Of course, these results are entirely based off of the opinions of a handful of graphic designers, so there’s no way of quantifying how accurate it all is. Never the less, the results are still pretty interesting.

That’s the original image that was sent to everyone. As you can see, the results do vary quite a bit. It speaks to how individual cultures perceive beauty quite differently.


(h/t SuperDrug)

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