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Exit Clear

Hit and Run Idiot Smashes Neighbor’s Car Then Covers Own Wrecked Car with Half-Assed Tarp

The worst neighbor ever totaled a car on his block and thought he could get away with it.

This is how he found his car in the morning:

01 hit-idiot
He then did a little investigating and looked in the driveways of nearby homes. Behold, a couple houses down was a car with a tarp pulled over the front:
02  hit-idiot
03  hit-idiot
The empty beer cans are a nice touch:
04  hit-idiot

Unfortunately for the drunk driver, the owner of the smashed car took photos as proof. Here’s what the latter had to say:

“I was parked on the street and the entire side of the car was crunched. This damage could only have been done from someone coming out of their driveway. They disputed it. Luckily I had taken photos of their car before they magic erasered my paint off of it. I had to drive a crashed car for 3 months while they wasted the insurance company’s time. They never did own up to it but they were found guilty. They glare at me all the time like I’m a real asshole or something.”

Doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out.

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