Yesterday, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the first footage from the film based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower emerged in the form of two short teasers. Now the full trailer has finally landed. Get ready for three minutes of Idris Elba trying to save the world with nothing but two revolvers and a lot of heart.

Elba is Roland, a gunslinger from a parallel world devastated by a war that made him the last of his kind. He’s given a new sense of purpose when he meets Jake (Tom Taylor), a boy from our world who keeps dreaming of him and of a dark tower that seems to hold great importance. When Jake and Roland finally meet, that importance is made clear: The Tower is the nexus of both their worlds. If it falls, everything ends. That’s just fine with the Man In Black (Matthew McConaughey), a dark sorcerer and old enemy of Roland’s who’s hoping to rip the tower down.

The trailer spends most of its time establishing that premise for the uninitiated, which would be boring for longtime fans if the film weren’t actually a kind of sequel to King’s original novels. The world and the characters are familiar to the faithful, but the story is unfolding differently. That makes this a fresh take for everyone, which is a very nice place to start.

Dark Tower looks like a mixture of Logan-esque post-apocalyptic power to urban fantasy action. In some shots, it could almost be a classic Western with Elba at the helm. In others, it looks like no film you’ve seen before.

That sense of wonder is the thematic heart of what King’s tale was getting at all along. The Dark Tower is a merging of the familiar and the invented. It’s that dream you had that felt flawless until it started to fade in your mind. It’s that story you swear you’ve heard before, until the characters start saying something new. That’s both seductive and powerful. If the rest of the film captures that essence, it could be really special.

Then there’s the new tagline courtesy of Sony’s YouTube page: “In a world full of superheroes, there’s only one Gunslinger.” That’s just cheeky enough to make the trailer feel more fun.

The Dark Tower arrives August 4.