First Amazon became a massive, unstoppable retail conglomerate, and now it’s sucking in all the game developers, presumably to become a massive, unstoppable game-developing blob monster.

Amazon Game Studios today posted a whole bunch of job listings for a new “ambitious PC project using the latest technology,” according to a sponsored post at gaming business site Gamasutra. The company is looking to fill some 70 positions, and it’s apparently already collected developers who have worked on games like Bioshock, Portal and World of Warcraft.

Amazon has put out phone and tablet games in the past, including the ambitious horror-ish game Lost Within from Prey 2 developer Human Head Studios. But with the new jobs, they’re expanding to making larger games that won’t fit in the palm of your hand.

Guess if the drones don’t work out, Amazon has a solid fallback plan. Or maybe we can soon expect a world where we’re buying Amazon games for Amazon consoles from Amazon, delivered by Amazon drones to our Amazon houses in the Amazon.