Somehow, the Grand Theft Auto series seems less cartoonishly violent and hilariously seedy when it’s rendered in the colorful 8-bit art style of Pokemon.

YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer combined the characters of the modern Grand Theft Auto games to bring them all into the same crime-ridden city, showing off what it might be like to rob stores, steal cars, beat up random people on the street and pick up ladies of the evening, all from the palm of your 1989 Nintendo GameBoy-gripping hand.

The battles are particularly goofy, as characters like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’s CJ pulls out the “double-ender” to take on the Army and players have to square off against Grand Theft Auto IV’s Cousin Roman’s constant demands to hang out. The art style sure does make random murder and mayhem look cute—maybe Nintendo should consider commissioning a GTA-meets-Pokemon game for the 3DS. Pikachu getting up to no good with some drive-by electrocutions would probably sell a billion copies.

Via Kotaku

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