Lots of games use “death” in interesting ways, but unlike in real life, death is never the end—it’s an often-hilarious learning experience. That’s not the case in the upcoming PC game Upsilon Circuit, however. In this game, if you die once, you’re dead forever. (In the game, not in reality. Barring any ancient curse-related circumstances, anyway.)

Wired has the story about the game, a prototype of which was seen at PAX Prime 2015 earlier this year. Two teams of four enter the game to fight their way through monsters and traps in each run, and if (and when) they die, they’re done for good. The setup only lets eight people play the game at a time—like, in total, everywhere—while everyone else who’s interested spectates via streaming services like Twitch. The viewers can choose to send help or hinder to the players, and the idea is to find out what makes the best players survivors when they only have one shot.

Upsilon Circuit isn’t the first game to mess around with the ideas of player death and what it means, but it might be the most strict about it. The recent multiplayer Steam Early Access game The Flock pledges to shut down when a certain number of players have been killed in-game. We’ll see if that actually happens.

Upsilon Circuit sounds tough, but true gamers are waiting for the ultimate challenge: when you die in the game, you die in real life. Don’t worry, nobody will talk about how you accidentally ran into your own Mario Kart turtle shell in your eulogy.