Word to the wise: Do not park in a handicapped spot in Brazil unless you are disabled.

Not only is it a dick move, but you might fall victim to an awesome revenge prank, like the one performed in this video.

A driver in Sao Paulo, Brazil, left his car in a handicapped spot despite the fact that he is not disabled. Onlookers decided to dispense some instant karma by covering his entire vehicle in blue Post-it notes. As a finishing touch, the pranksters used white notes to adorn his car with handicapped symbols.

When the driver returned, he did not seem amused. Luckily, everyone else in the vicinity was. And thanks to the power of the Internet, the whole world is now laughing at this schmuck.

At least the victim can take some solace in the fact that because his car is covered in Post-it notes, no one watching the video will be able to recognize it.

(Source: The Daily Mail)