Dealing with an obnoxious neighbor is never fun, but this may go well beyond a neighborly spat. Here’s what happened, via the video’s description:

I live at a “luxury apartment” complex in Tampa, FL. Due to poor construction my downstairs neighbor can hear me walking around upstairs and thinks I am intentionally stomping.

One Sunday afternoon at 3:30 I had an MBA class from UT at my apartment filming a class project when there was a loud banging on my door. I opened the door and my neighbor started hurling racist rants at me. Once she saw that the people in my apartment were black, puerto rican, and white she decided I was not longer a racist and instead was just gay. She started calling me a white faggot (i am straight) and threatening to kill me. Shortly after that one of my friends grabbed a camera and began recording and this is the last 11 minutes of the encounter.

I remained calm throughout the scenario and simply took this video to property management to allow me to be released from my lease or her evicted for criminal threat to my life but they took no action.

Some have said to call the police. We called TPD that day when she was in the hall saying she was going to get her gun and she had something for us. The police never came.