It’s a safe bet that just about every person alive owns a piece of Ikea furniture. The Swedish company has probably introduced more people to Swedish meatballs than the Swedish Chef, and its housewares figured prominently in Fight Club. Ikea is also a great place for pranks like unsolicited reviews and torturing your girlfriend with puns.

As ubiquitous as Ikea’s furniture like the Billy bookcase is, it may be eclipsed by the enormous blue and yellow tote bags that shoppers use to take their purchases home and then typically repurpose to hold their laundry. Like all Ikea goods, even the bag has a strange name, Frakta and is a great deal at 99 cents. Now it’s getting an upgrade. Ikea recently announced that it collaborated with the Danish design firm Hay to redesign the tote bag and revealed the new look at its Democratic Design Day.

via Ikea

via Ikea

The most instantly recognizable change is the color. The blue and yellow are replaced with forest green and white that a Hay co-founder felt would be “long-lasting.” The material is also different. The Frakta is polypropolene, while the new bag will be made from a woven fabric.

The new bags are expected to be available later this year. The price wasn’t announced but it will likely cost more than a buck that the original sets you back. And if you prefer to keep things old school, don’t worry, the blue and yellow Frakta will still be available alongside the newer version.

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