I have Philips Hue wireless LED lighting throughout my home. They’re awesome, and every time I show them to my friends, they want in. And then I tell them how much it will cost them to buy a starter pack. And then they wretch, and look at me like I’m an irresponsible buffoon. Which I am.

Back in the day (when one says back in the day in technology gadget metrics, one means only a year ago), such a starter kit would run you at least $200. These days, you can get a simple Philips Hue starter kit that includes a hub and two bulbs for about $70.

But don’t you dare keep Scandinavian homewares discounter and purveyor of all things Allen wrench IKEA out of the connected lighting game. They just released the Trådri (“wireless” in Swedish), which runs on the same Zigbee Light Link system as the Phlips Hue, and they’re about to sell it for some college-friendly IKEA prices.

Always innovating, though, IKEA is also introducing a $20 motion-controlled dimmer switch that you can just pick up and rotate to dim the lights. This unit will compete with Phlips’ magnetic dimmer button pads and self-powered Hue Tap. It’s an interesting and telling addition to what promises to be a bright (hehe) future of innovative, wireless lighting interfaces from a company that’s always looking to make your home life visually minimal while ironically selling you shit you don’t need.

The new IKEA bulbs include three color temperature options at 2200K, 2700K and 4000K, and IKEA says they last for 25,000 hours. Each bulb costs around $20, which will give Philips a serious run for their money.

If that’s not enough, IKEA will also retail LED Floalt panels, illuminated doors and more. They’ll launch in Sweden at the end of March and, more likely than not, here in the U.S. before you can dim your bedroom lights for a pre-sleep ritual of Facebook, Reddit, and, of course, Playboy.

Good night, kids. Hey Siri, turn off lights. No, TURN. OFF. LIGHTS. Fuck.