IKEA is many things, some not so good: a store with furniture that’s impossible to pronounce and even harder to assemble, a place where marriages go to die and an enormous wasteland without windows where my friend Corey had a panic attack the last time I shopped there.

However, IKEA also has its upsides, namely its surprisingly good foods: The Swedish meatballs are solid and the delectable cinnamon buns are even better. Good on IKEA, then, for recognizing its strong suits, because the retail chain is reportedly releasing a fragrance line that could include that tantalizing cinnamon bun scent.

According to IKEA’s blog—by the way, IKEA has a blog—the store is partnering with Ben Gorham, founder of Swedish perfume brand Byredo, on a limited edition collection of mystery scents. “Smell is everywhere,” IKEA’s bloggers write. “But very rarely do we think about it in the context of aesthetics and interior design. IKEA and Ben are exploring new ways of bringing scent into the home.”

And what will that entail, exactly? The IKEA masterminds, those Swedish bastards, aren’t saying. Could be a scented candle, could be a perfume, could be something else. All Gorham will reveal is that their project is designed to get people to think about smell. “I was fascinated by the possibilities tied to smell,” he said. “I asked this person to translate memories of mine into different scents as a creative project. This newfound interest grew into an obsession.”

Gorham continued, “We’re trying to develop a ton of smells enforcing the idea that everyone has a different relationship to it, and nothing is right or wrong.”

Sure. Fine. But I’ll tell you what would be wrong: Teasing an IKEA fragrance and not delivering a spray that I can spritz whenever I want my house to smell like incredible cinnamon buns. Don’t blow this, IKEA.