Remember that game show ‘Press Your Luck’? Back in 1984, a man named Michael Larson memorized the pattern of the big board and figured out how to hit big bucks every time while avoiding any and all Whammies. He ended up with $110,237 in cash and prizes, the largest amount ever won on a game show at that time. You can read all about his strategy and preparation on his Wikipedia page.

Sadly, Larson did not enjoy his winnings for very long, as he lost all of it in bad investments and illegal schemes within two years of the tapings. He moved to Florida, where he passed away in 1999 after a battle with throat cancer.

Watch the clip above, and consider putting off the drafting of your New Year’s resolutions in favor of watching this feature-length documentary on Larson, entitled Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal.