This past week, Coney Island played host to the 2015 Mermaid Day Parade. Basically, it’s a giant celebration of weirdos (I mean that in the best way possible). For the most part, it’s gutted-out old dudes in drag. However, when you sift through the bellies, there’s actually a slew of smoking hot girls partaking in the action as well. After all, when we think of a mermaid we think of a beautiful girl like Arielle in The Little Mermaid.

Which begs the question: Would you rather have sex with a mermaid who’s top half woman and bottom half fish, or vice versa? Actually, don’t answer that.

Back to the Mermaid Day Parade. Whether it was a wonderful expression of self and creativity, or just an excuse for weirdos to prance around and stand out… we’ve got some pictures that you’ll enjoy regardless:

(h/t Coed)