Be honest. You love taking selfies. Whether you admit it or not, we all do it, and we lovingly pat ourselves on the back when we take a great one.

Apparently, so does Russia. In fact, they seem to love it so much, Russians are risking life and limb to get the best ones. The Guardian reports on some of the more horrendous “selfie fails” of late:

In May, a 21-year-old woman accidentally shot herself in the head in Moscow while taking a selfie holding a pistol. She suffered injuries but survived.

In January, two young men died in the Urals while taking a selfie holding a hand grenade with the pin pulled out. The mobile phone with the selfie survived as a record.

In May, a teenager in the Ryazan region died while attempting to photograph himself as he climbed on a railway bridge and accidentally came into contact with live electrical wires.

But wow, had they pulled those off, I bet it would have made for some truly epic selfies. Unfortunately, the Russian Interior Ministry doesn’t agree. They believe that all this bad press about Russians injuring themselves mid-selfie might discourage tourists from coming to Russia to take selfies of their own. What’s a ruling body to do? Why not release some guidelines for safer selfie-taking?

Russian Interior Ministry

Russian Interior Ministry

“Unfortunately we have noted recently that the number of accidents caused by lovers of self-photography is constantly increasing,” said Yelena Alexeyeva, an aide to the interior minister. “Since the beginning of the year we are talking about some hundred cases of injuries for sure.”

Russian Interior Ministry

Russian Interior Ministry

“Before taking a selfie, everyone should think about the fact that racing after a high number of ’likes’ could lead someone on a journey to death and his last extreme photo could turn out to be posthumous,” Alexeyeva warned.

Hear that? Selfie-taking is absolutely not a joke. Someone should let the Kardashians know.

Via The Guardian.