Crowdfunded indie game Superhot’s nifty gimmick is that it’s not just a regular shooter—it’s one in which you control time. When you stand still, time all but stops; when you move around, so does the rest of the world. This allows you to stop, pick your shots, react to enemies, and take out everybody quickly and efficiently in each level. And you have to be smart; catch a single bullet and it’s all over.

The video above, fresh from a new version of the game released to Kickstarter backers, shows how you’ll grab guns off enemies in an improvised approach to each encounter. When the ammo runs out, you get the awesome and effective option of pitching the gun into the nearest bad guy’s face. That action movie scene where the hero empties the clip and then throws the gun in frustration finally has a practical application.

Best of all, Superhot has a browser-based prototype demo on its website that you can play right now. Just note that you need to be running Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera in order to try it out.