If you’re still reeling over Tesla’s solar powered island, you’ll be excited to know that India is quickly joining the renewable power sources race.

The brand new power plant in Kamuthi is now home to the world’s largest solar power plant in a single place. It has enough capacity to power nearly 150,000 homes. So yes, so it can power a large amount of homes all at once. So can a ton of other plants similar in size. What really makes the plant in Kamuthi so unique is just how quickly it was built.

A similar plant in Topaz Solar Farm in California took over two years to build. However, the plant definitely was up there in cost. The facility cost around $679 million.

Even though India still relies on mostly coal for powering homes, the country has tried to aggressively use only renewable power sources in an effort to reduce dependency on fossil fuels by 2030 .