Everybody has experienced the intense terror of being seconds from sleep and then perceiving someone standing in over their bed—only to realize it’s just a pile of clothes that vaguely resembles a person in the dark. In indie horror game Try to Fall Asleep, that experience becomes life-and-death.

Created in the Unity engine by a developer going by the name Mr.Droose, Try to Fall Asleep puts you in the role of an amnesiac character hoping to remember his identity. To do that, he needs to sleep, but some horrific hallucinations have a tendency to waylay that effort. And possibly murder him.

The game’s still in very early development (Mr.Droose is actually hunting for artists to help out, in fact), but what’s there is already looking high on the creepiness scale. You can check out a visual preview of Try to Fall Asleep on its GameJolt page.