People can rally “Bush is back!” all they want, but if a recent survey by Cosmopolitan is any indicator, this rallying cry is nothing more than wishful thinking trumpeted by a select few.

According to 4,150 respondents ages 18 to 35, only six percent of men are attracted to a woman who sports a full bush. Most men—30 percent—prefer a woman who trims, followed closely by the gal who shaves it all off (26 percent). Placing fourth are women who opt for the landing strip (12 percent).

So, au natural is the least desired pube style. I guess that’s why only six percent of women let their pubic hair grow wild, compared to the 57 percent of women who wax off their vaginal forests. One in four females choose to trim, and seven percent keep things clean with a landing strip.

As for men, an overwhelming majority maintain their pubes by trimming, with “bare” coming in a distant second. (To be honest, that many men paying attention down there shocks even us.) Ten percent of guys don’t trim their pubes at all and, get this, two percent commit to a landing strip. That’s weird. I’m not sure why, but it is. How many of you are about to now google what that looks like?

30 percent of men and 19 percent of women would reconsider dating someone whose public hair doesn’t reflect their own preference.

These results show that guys actually do know what women want down there, looks-wise. Seventy percent of women prefer a man to be trimmed, followed by the 12 percent who like him bare. As expected, only one percent want a dude with a landing strip. So don’t do that, guys. I cannot emphasize this enough.

When further pressed, the survey found men prefer women with little or no pubic hair because it’s easier on the eye. “If you can feel it under her underwear or it’s sticking out of a small pair of underwear, that’s just not attractive to me,” a very brave Jason, 29, said.

He admits he’s asked several of his partners, including his current fiancée, to shave and added that a bare pubic area makes oral sex more enjoyable. “If a girl had a full bush and didn’t want to shave, that wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but I also probably wouldn’t go down on her very often.”

In follow-up interviews, a number of respondents reported that they’d grown tired of curly pubes getting stuck in their teeth during oral sex. “My first girlfriend didn’t want to go down on me with hair there, and I thought that was completely reasonable,” said Reece. “I think for both men and women, it’s nice to not get scratched up by all that hair.”

The survey reveals that our proclivity to ask a partner to alter their pubic hair isn’t as rare as you’d think. Forty percent of men and 23 percent of women confess to making such a request. As for how you’d approach such a conversation, perhaps ask our sex & dating columnist Bridget Phetasy.

Even worse, 30 percent of men and 19 percent of women would reconsider dating someone whose public hair doesn’t reflect their own preference. Men proved unanimously more judgemental regarding the appearance of the opposite sex’s pubic condition.

Maybe that’s why 22 percent of women groom their pubic hair “multiple times per week,” compared to only eight percent of men. Most women shave on a weekly basis (37 percent) while the majority of men do the chore every month.

While these results could easily blame men for pressuring women to maintain a particular standard, half of people admitted they shave because it makes them feel more attractive. Manscaping is also said to make a man’s member appear larger—even if it may increase the risk of catching an STI. The survey also revealed a discrepancy in the amount of hair that older and younger women choose to remove. Cosmo suggests this divide may reflect women’s increasing comfort with a lower-maintenance grooming style as they grow older or enter long-term relationships.

The bottom line is: grooming is and should be regarded as a personal choice. A person can have their preference, sure, but they shouldn’t force this predilection on a partner. I just hope we can all agree that a man with a landing strip is the worst idea. Like ever.