Instagram is great, there’s no doubt about that. It makes sharing photos easy, includes filters and image adjustment tools that make your photos look awesome, and it adds social features that makes browsing your friends’ picture both easy and entertaining. But it’s always been a one photo or one video affair (outside of stories, of course).

That all changed this week, as they finally added galleries. These are posts that include multiple photos. This is extremely useful if you want to just post a group of photos for a particular event, theme, or whatever it is that you want to group because, after all, it’s your photo life.

Creating a gallery on Instagram is pretty easy, but it can be confusing at first. That’s why we’ve created this handy, simple step-by-step guide to adding your first Instagram multi-photo post.

First, you’ll want to update your app. The new feature doesn’t automatically show up in the version you already have. If you don’t have apps set to auto-update, then this step is for you. Download the latest version and restart the app.

Now, tap the + symbol as you normally would to add a photo.

On the bottom right of the photo, you’ll now see “SELECT MULTIPLE.“ Tap that, and you’ll launch into gallery-creation mode.

Select up to 10 photos. Don’t worry about the order for now, as you’ll be able to change that in subsequent steps. You can de-select photos by tapping on them again. Once you’ve selected your photos - you don’t have to select 10, tap NEXT in the upper right of the screen.

Here you can set up your filters for one or all of your photos and adjust the image. To choose just one filter for the whole gallery, simply select it from the slider under the photos.

If you want to individually adjust images, just tap that image and you’ll go into an edit screen for that image. When you tap “Done” you’ll return to the gallery editor.

Back in the gallery editor, you can slide photos in the order you want - just tap and hold an image and then move it to the right or left and the images will slide before or after, depending on where you move it. If you slide all the way to the right of the list, you can go back and add more photos.

Keep in mind that the first photo in your set here will be the one that shows up in your feed, so choose wisely. Tap “Next” and add a caption. Choose something that sums up the whole gallery rather than just one photo.

Voila! You’ve created your first Instagram gallery. Now, when people see your feed, they’ll see the gallery icon and will be invited to swipe right to see the other photos. Go you!