Spinning a literal angle to the expression “anything for the shot,” top Russian Instagram model Viki Odintcova, embarked on a death-defying stunt, with no visible safety gear, which she shared with her 3.1 million followers via the social media platform.

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This incredibly dangerous, and arguably senseless, stunt took place at the Cayan Tower in Dubai, a 73-story residential tower built in a twisting shape, located at the mouth of the Dubai Marina. Standing 307 meters tall, the Cayan Tower is the “highest twisting structure in the world.” The building’s design features “open-space architectural concepts.”

Odintcova and her team maximized on the design of this structure. The crew climbed to the top of this tower, for purpose of taking photos of the model hanging off the tower.

She first leans off the structure, gripped tightly by a male assistant, holding one arm outward, while gazing towards the sky.

Her teammate grips her arm as she kneels and slowly lowers herself off the structure’s beam, dangling into the air.

Mavrin Models, her agency, shared an abridged version of the stunt, which demonstrates the model taking a deep breath before leaning backwards, followed by footage of her dangling from the structure holding only to her supporter’s hand.

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The full exploit was shared via YouTube, which features Odintcova preparing and practicing pre-stunt, plus step-by-step footage of the act itself.

For additional footage of Odintcova, watch this YouTube video, which features the model exploring Dubai, seductive film of Odintcova lounging and posing in her hotel room, and finishes with a grand finale of the daredevil being launched into the air, this time in a supported stunt, on a zipline ride (X-Line), in view of Burj Khalifa and overlooking the Dubai Mall Fountain.

While in Dubai, the crew made sure to engage in a full photoshoot. Here Odintcova glances back at the camera while posing in a black sheer bodysuit.

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She also provides a view from the front.

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And a shot of her standing on her balcony gazing at the sand.

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And she shares a little behind-the-scenes video footage.

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This is not the model’s first daredevil act. Just a couple months back, Odintcova bungee jumped in Sochi, Russia; however, in that case, she was fully strapped into safety equipment. Get in on the action with this video, filmed as the model launches into the air.

Perhaps this adage provides insight into Odintcova’s perspective on life: she captions, “Nothing in life has boundaries until you create them. It’s all about choosing what you want to experience moment to moment,” as she shares a peaceful photo, posing in the desert, sifting sand.