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Exit Clear

3 Instagram Models and a Scientific Breakthrough: Behold the ‘Authenticity Verification’ Test

It seems like every day we’re blessed with new, groundbreaking scientific discoveries. Today’s lesson comes from Instagram model Sveta Bilyalova, who shows us a technique she likes to call the “Tits Authenticity Verification.” Basically, she shows us how to tell whether a woman’s breasts are surgically enhanced.

What you’ll need to conduct the experiment: two phones with flashlights on and a willing participant. You place the phones underneath or on the sides of the appendages in question and turn off the lights. If nothing happens, you know you’re in an implant-free environment. However, if the area starts to glow a bright red, then you know that it has undergone cosmetic surgery; that’s the silicone lighting up.

Here’s some photos of Bilyalova, although none involve her conducting the test on herself:


A photo posted by Sveta Bilyalova (@svetabily) on

Not all those who wander are lost🐚✨

A photo posted by Sveta Bilyalova (@svetabily) on

In case you were wondering, the “real” girl featured in this clip is Diana Melison.

Kisses back 💌

A photo posted by Diana Melison (@di_melison) on

Can’t choose between dark black and black 🖤🙄🖤

A photo posted by Diana Melison (@di_melison) on

❤ @guess #loveguess

A photo posted by Diana Melison (@di_melison) on

And scientific progress marches on. We salute you, Sveta Bilyalova.

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