Everything we’ve seen so far for the upcoming Warcraft film has been pretty impressive, even if there hasn’t been a lot of it. Add to that this interactive video that gives you a taste of the scale of the film’s version of Azeroth, the game’s world.

“Skies of Azeroth” puts viewers on the back of a gryphon for a quick jaunt over the human capital of Stormwind that was created in CGI for the film, and in Google’s Chrome browser, you’re even able to look around from your lofty perch. The trailer is pretty quick and simple, but gets exponentially cooler on a smartphone because you can look around by simply moving your phone around (try it out!). This also works with Google Cardboard, the search company’s low-budget virtual reality headset, through the Legendary VR app.

Warcraft isn’t set to hit theaters until next year, but the few details dribbling out of San Diego Comic-Con 2015 and last year’s Blizzcon suggest the movie’s creators are working hard to stay true to its source material. At the very least, though, it already has a pretty cool ad campaign.