Don’t know about you, but a world of killer live music and breathtaking models sounds to us like a great place to hang out. Thanks to a partnership between music distribution company and Playboy, you can access this experience via the Playboy Music app, launched today.

Combining model videos with exclusive live music performances, the app is a platform for music discovery done the Playboy way. Eugena Washington, our 2016 Playmate of the Year, leads the charge with an exclusive video and gallery.

“Playboy Music celebrates the diversity of female sexiness with a curated playlist of songs framed within beautifully crafted videos,” says Jeff LaPenna, Creative Director of the Playboy Music app at “But the models are more than just sexy; they are the focal point of a narrative that connects beauty with music in a way that men will enjoy and women will find empowering.”

In addition to Eugena Washington, Playboy Music features models like Lauren Young, Miki Hamano and Skylar Mimuro, each of them carefully matched with tracks from thrilling artists like Monsieur Periné, Blackbird Blackbird, Geographer and the Flashbulb.

Playboy Music is a premium app on iOS and Android. It costs just 99 cents a month, and you can also gain access by sharing the app with friends. Find out more here, and we’ll see you there.