Cans of beer have their perks—namely, you can drink them by the pool, where glass is usually prohibited—but overall, they’re ranked third in coolest ways to drink beer. Bottled beer is number two, and draught, or draft (whatever), pours rank top because a pint is the best way to experience a delicious, cold beer.

Now you can more or less give yourself that option without a full functioning bar at home. Draft Top is a kickstarted invention that basically removes the entire aluminum top from the can for better taste and better aroma. It also offers itself up as a killer reusable cup for mixers (pretty ideal for micheladas).

Draft Top will officially be a thing, given that it’s far surpassed its $75,000 goal, already well over $100,000 and running until October 7. Bless hopheads Sean and Armand for giving us a chance to escape our aluminum tyranny!

[H/T Foodbeast]