The Iowa Supreme Court has recently ruled that, of course, you can get drunk on your front porch, a decision that comes in response to Patience Paye’s 2013 public intoxication conviction.

Paye was actually the one who called the cops at the time, reporting domestic violence. But when the cops showed, their line of questioning fell on Paye’s state of inebriation. Her blood alcohol concentration was at .267, which would’ve been more than 3x the legal limit if she was driving.

But she wasn’t. She was just on her porch. That didn’t stop a charge and conviction, however. Paye appealed, declaring that her porch doesn’t belong to the world at large.

On Friday, the state’s supreme court agreed, noting that the steps of a private residence don’t count as a public space unless the homeowner has invited the general public to be there.

According to the court, “If the front stairs of a family home were always considered a public place, it would create ‘absurd results’ and make it a ‘crime to sit there calmly on a breezy summer day and sip a mojito’ or even grill with ‘bourbon-infused barbecue sauce.’”