Whenever there is a close election (or in this case, caucus), accusations of foul play are sure to arise. Hillary Clinton’s razor-thin victory over Bernie Sanders in last week’s Iowa Caucus is no exception, with many Sanders supporters complaining about widespread errors and, in some cases, fraud.

While it might be easy to attribute these claims to a misunderstanding of the archaic caucusing process, or even sour grapes, the case of precinct 43 in Woodbury County is difficult to ignore. That’s because it only has one caucusgoer, and he claims his precinct’s county delegate mistakenly went to Hillary Clinton.

“I voted for Bernie,” Keane Schwarz, the caucusgoer in question, told The Des Moines Register. “It was really suspicious … I’m actually pretty irate about it.”

In situations like this, it usually boils down to a “he said, she said” scenario, from which all the facts may never be known. But in the case of Keane Schwarz, it literally boils down to a case of “he said, and no one else was even there to say anything,” which isn’t so easy to dismiss.

(Source: The Des Moines Register)