Remember the highly anticipated Apple event in September, when the company all but proved it has run out of new ideas and the entire presentation essentially served as a preamble to a One Republic concert? Well, let that image of Apple prime you for less-than-exciting rumors of the newest iPhone upgrade: According to 9to5Mac, Apple is likely not releasing an upgraded iPhone 6 as early as March, but instead will spruce up the existing iPhone 5s that was first released in the fall of 2013.

This means the latest and greatest from the tech giant will have a four-inch screen like the 2013 iPhone 5 (people with tiny hands, rejoice!) — but with “upgraded internals, software, and hardware features that blend the old design with modern technologies.” The iPhone 5SE, as it shall be called, is rumored to have curved edges similar to the iPhone 6. While the prospect of a new four-inch iPhone is nice on a practical level for people who aren’t a fan of all smart phones going the way of the phablet, it doesn’t exactly light our worlds on fire.

H/t 9to5Mac