In just four months, your iPhone 6’s and 7’s will suddenly feel archaic when Apple unveils its next-generation iPhone 8. But if you can’t wait until then, a new hands-on video courtesy of iPhone gumshoe extraordinaire Benjamin Geskin features what appears to be the new model in all its glory.

The most striking update seen is easily the removal of the home button. This is the first time an iPhone will come equipped with an OLED display, and Apple wants you to have as much of it as possible. Though the phone itself is smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, the 5.8 inch display will be larger thanks to an edge-to-edge design that will pretty much take up the entire front panel.

The last few iPhones have lacked the kind of drastic innovation that made you feel like you were really getting something new. That’s not the case here. The absence of the home button is the kind of leap forward that could make the iPhone 8 the best selling iPhone yet.

The video also gives credence to the long-running rumors that Apple plans on ditching the iPhone’s traditional aluminum back panel in favor of a sleeker glass one. Also, instead of a vertical camera, the dual lenses on the iPhone 8 are stacked on top of one another, which Yahoo points out will help support augmented reality features that will be integrated into the phone.

In April, Forbes published a story that explored how Chinese smartphone manufacturers are catching up to Apple. And while the tech giant still has a stranglehold on the smartphone market, if the iPhone 8 is the juggernaut we expect it to be, that stranglehold will only tighten.