When people think of great modern mysteries, they tend to think about the JFK assassination or the Amelia Earhart disappearance, but there’s a more important question that people have demanded answers but have not received: Why can you slide accept or deny iPhone calls sometimes and slide to answer calls other times?

Isn’t that annoying that sometimes when you get a phone call, you’ll get this screen?

Business Insider

Business Insider

And other times you’ll get this one?

Business Insider

Business Insider

It can be quite annoying when you get a phone call from that Aunt who always asks whether you’re going to church every Sunday and want to avoid her religious scolding, but your phone is only giving you the “Slide to Answer” option. Well now there’s an explanation for why iPhones have the two answering options. And it’s really simple.

Want to know what it is?



When your iPhone is locked, you’ll get the slide to answer option. When it’s unlocked, you’ll get the “Accept” or “Decline” options.

That’s it. So if you want the ability to deny calls at your choosing, keep your iPhone unlocked. That could lead to other problems down the line, but at least you can avoid talking to all the Chatty Kathys in your life.

(h/t Business Insider)