It’s safe to say that at some point we have all wanted to beat the living crap out of our phone. Whether it’s because of the phone’s content (the frustrating and frivolous email your idiot boss sends at two in the morning) or the phone’s performance (the “Storage Full” notification that pops up when you’re taking the perfect picture), our mobile devices provide plenty of occasions when we anthropomorphize them in hopes of giving them a proper thrashing. But unless we’re Ari Gold from Entourage most of us refrain from hurtling our phones across a room or smashing it to bits like they did to that printer in Office Space. The expense, the fact that we probably haven’t backed up all the data, and general human decency tend to keep us in check.

But sometimes it’s nice to live vicariously and watch others do the phone destroying for us. That’s what makes watching this video from YouTubers TheBackyardScientist and GizmoSlip so entertaining. GizmoSlip specializes in what he calls “creative durability tests,” which is a fancy way for saying he finds cool ways to annihilate iPhones. He teamed up with TheBackyardScientist to submerge an iPhone in a vat of molten aluminum, a la Terminator 2. Fifteen dollars worth of liquid metal and $500 worth of iPhone is a combustible combination. When the phone is first dropped into the aluminum it goes up in flames as the battery and plastic burn off. As the rest of the device melts it becomes malleable and bends before settling into its final state as an aluminum blob.

Try to remember this video the next time your phone is pissing you off to no end, since rewatching it could save you a lot of money and trips to Apple’s Genius Bar.