The iPhone X is perhaps the most anticipated product in Apple’s long and storied history. Every year, Tim Cook and co. flaunt new features with each fall launch, but the X has long been promised to bring the most radical changes to the iPhone, which is why anticipation has been at a fever pitch ever since the first specs started leaking out of Cupertino last year.

As a reminder, this iteration boasts an edge-to-edge OLED display, wireless charging support and face recognition technology, among other dazzling details that (probably) justify the ridiculous $999 price tag.

So after Apple announced an October 27 pre-order date for the X (set to hit stores November 3), people with deep pockets, quick fingers and trusty alarm clocks were all set to snag the hot item early Friday morning. But as everyone predicted, Apple’s initial supply sold out within minutes, leaving techies to wonder when the next crop of phones will be available.

The answer? Uh, ask again later. Unless you managed to reserve a model this morning, there’s little chance you’ll get your X next week. The Verge points to past preorder patterns and predicts availability will slip into December, suggesting that the delays might cause problems with the phone’s new Face ID components. Apple has already shot down these rumors, but whatever the reason for the holdup, you might not get a chance to unlock your phone with your face until the holidays.

Unless that is, you venture over to eBay. People who were able to procure an iPhone X are already putting their prizes up for bid, with one 256-gigabyte model currently going for more than $2,600. Hi, just in case you’re wondering, this is insane. And here you thought a grand was an exorbitant amount for a phone.