After initial units sold out in just minutes last week, Apple’s insanely anticipated iPhone X officially hits stores November 3. Whether techies will actually receive their phones on Friday is iffy; due to rumored production issues, shipments could be delayed until December. But one thing’s for sure: The already expensive X, which starts at $999, will cost a pretty penny to replace.

Should you happen to crack your new phone’s edge-to-edge, glossy OLED screen—one of the X’s signature specs—you’ll have to pony up $279, per Apple pricing. That’s significantly more than you’d pay to replace a shattered screen for the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus ($169) or the regular 7 and 8 models ($149). But if you do additional damage to the X that’s not limited to the screen, then you’ll have to fork over a whopping $549, or the exact cost of a brand-new, 128-gigabyte iPhone 6S.

Now, if you’re a surehanded, responsible adult and you’ve never once dropped your phone because you were drunk and/or you slipped on ice and/or you fell victim to the laws of physics, then you have nothing to worry about. But you’re also a liar. No one has ever owned a phone without senselessly murdering it at least once, because we’re all children with tiny hands and fat fingers and poor grips, and thus we all take pricey, preventable trips to the Genius Bar.

One solution is to get a damn screen protector to minimize the damage, but if you’re too good for the extra bulk in your pants and you enjoy playing with fire (guilty), here’s your plan B: Get AppleCare+ coverage. For a flat fee of $199, it’ll cost you just $29 to repair any iPhone screen, and $99 to take care of any nebulous “other damage.” The caveat? The plan only covers two incidents of accidental damage coverage, so after that, you’re pretty much screwed.

Still, if you buy AppleCare+ and you break your screen into a million little pieces on two separate, dumb occasions, it’ll still be cheaper than paying to repair it once out of warranty. Our advice: You’re already dropping a paycheck on this thing anyway. Might as well get the insurance. (Apple didn’t pay us to write this.)