St. Patrick’s day just got a lot more real this Thursday with the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny using a typically restrained luncheon to take an elegant jab at Trump. Typically, the White House celebrates with all manner of ceremony, including a one-on-one meeting between the leaders, but during this meeting they discussed immigration, trade and the Irish economy.

Things appeared to get a little more interesting during the luncheon as the Telegraph reports. On illegal immigrants Kenny had this to say:

Since it is estimated that tens of thousands of Irish natives are living in The United States, Kenny took the opportunity to discuss how the actual Patron Saint of Ireland was an immigrant. The comments may have had a positive effect, since the 45th later declared that evening that the US would remain “an ever-faithful partner and an always loyal friend.”

Prime Minister Kenny also presented Trump with a bowl of Irish Greens. Thus proving that the massacre of Bowling Green actually occured, except in reality it was being totally served by the Irish Prime Minister.