Irina Voronina seems unaware of how not to do it all. Ever since her Playboy pictorial in January 2001, she has been spreading her pop cultural footprint across the entertainment industry. From her years as a successful model to roles in Reno: 911 Miami to legendary gaming group Roosterteeth’s film debut dubbed Lazer Team, Irina has shown that she is hell-bent on working hard. Similarly she also works at giving back, as her participation in an upcoming Babes In Toyland event on March 30th, benefitting animals in need of adoption. This time, the perpetually busy Playmate produced, starred, and costume-designed the independent crime-thriller Scramble directed by Noah Scott. In the film she plays V, a dastardly Russian femme fatale on a sex-soaked quest for revenge. Yet as her quest to claim vengeance in this Guy Ritchie-inspired film progresses, she runs into some unforeseen problems. Below, she caught up with us about the role of V, her now abandoned interest in web development, and the challenging aspects of being an actress.

Scramble is due to hit screens near you sometime in April 2017, so keep your eyes on the movies on-demand queue. That way you don’t miss Irina, nor the thrilling Tarantinoesque-homage in which she stars.

Check out the trailer for Scramble, and the Q&A, below.

What was it about Scramble that drew you to the opportunity?
I was excited to not only be cast as one of the leads but also to come on board as an associate producer. I love being in front of the camera as much as being behind it. The opportunity to be a part of the movie-making process, from both angles, is what drew me to this project. I ended up being a designated wardrobe person on the set throughout the shoot and was able to secure clothing sponsorships for the film, which was very helpful considering our budget. I did a bit of everything!

What was the toughest part about playing the role of V In Scramble?
Usually I’m always cast as the cute funny girl. So I really loved playing a villain for a change! The toughest part? Well V herself is pretty tough, so portraying that successfully was probably the most difficult aspect.

Michael Bernard

Michael Bernard

In Scramble, V is a dangerous and vengeful character. What are some movie characters you drew inspiration from to portray her?
I think I had my own unique vision for V. but if had to draw some parallels, I’d say Uma Thurman’s character from Kill Bill was definitely an inspiration for V’s quest for vengeance.

To you what is the most difficult aspect of being an actress?
The most challenging part of acting for me is the auditioning process. I don’t find it challenging to develop the character and get ready for the shoot after being cast, yet so many times I get the script for a big audition the night before. Then I have to learn 14 or so pages of dialogue, and I don’t have enough time to properly prepare. I do the best I can, but the hardest part is to have the feeling that you know you could do better if only you had more time.

It says on your website that you have an interest in improv comedy. How’d you discover that you had the improv bug?
I’ve been cast in a few comedies before, and comedy is my main forte in acting. To supplement that, I took some improv as well, which really helps with auditions, writing and even live streaming. Almost anything requires you to make some stuff up on the spot!

Is there any type of movie role that you have ever wanted to play?
I must admit I have always wanted to be a Bond girl.

Your Playboy pictorial notes you have travelled all over the world. Any favorite destination of them all?
I don’t think I have found to my favorite exotic destination yet. I have really adored each place I have been in its own unique way. But my dream is to travel and explore Asia and the South Pacific!

You also mentioned that you were curious about web development. Did you ever give that a try?
Well, that interview was done in back in the year 2000. Back then I did not really know how my career in the US would work out, and whether or not I’d need a back-up plan. Fortunately, I never ended up needing to go back to college. Ever since I moved to the US in 2001, I’ve been keeping busy with modeling and acting. I never ended up needing a back-up plan.

Any funny anecdotes you remember from your Playboy photoshoot?
I have a few stories from staying at the Mansion back in 2000. I guess I could tell you, but then I might have to kill you.

When you first posed for Playboy, had you always been someone comfortable enough to pose nude or was that something you had to work up to?
I modeled for a few years before posing for Playboy. I was always shooting a lingerie and swimwear, and was very comfortable with my body. So posing for Playboy was really not much of a stretch, in fact it was a lot easier than a regular modeling shoot, because I did not have to worry about making the clothing look good.



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