Just yesterday, I wrote about a girl who looks exactly like Kim Kardashian. Not everyone’s look-alike is a celebrity, though. Sometimes two random strangers can turn out to be identical twins (minus any actual relation). That’s exactly what happened to these two girls, Sara and Shannon.

The girls signed up for a website called Twin Strangers, which is created for strangers to find their doppelgangers. I’m definitely signing up for this and I highly suggest everyone else to as well, because the more users in their database, the higher the odds of finding your twin are. For Sara and Shannon, they found each other in totally separate countries, hailing from Dublin and Sweden, respectively. What makes this pairing really interesting is that both girls are insanely good looking. I mean, they wouldn’t be doppelgangers if only one was good looking and the other wasn’t, right? That would kind of defeat the purpose.

Sara and Shannon decided it would be cool to actually meet up, and they also decided it would be even cooler if they documented the whole thing. So, here they are coming face to face. Unfortunately, they don’t do the mirror-dance when they first see each other.

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