You know how when you were little, playing with action figures, it was always so annoying because your superheroes and superheroines had nowhere to sit after an extensively brutal, exhaustively epic battle with their villains? Well, don’t worry, that won’t be an issue for the next generation, because starting now, the future apparently comes with furniture.

Comicwave Studios is releasing a special version of (their Mark 42 Armor 1/12 Scale Figure of) Iron Man this year at Comic-Con. Now it comes with a couch!

That’s right, those days of you whining about too much action and not enough quiet domestic life with your toys are gone forever. Hopefully, the trend continues. Hawkeye gets a set of silverware, Captain America gets a lamp, Hulk gets a pergola, Thor gets an ottoman, Black Widow gets a duvet, and Vision gets more Nautica sweaters (as he seemed to love them in Civil War).

So, to review, here’s Tony Stark on his way battle.

And here’s where he’s going right after.

Hopefully, the next edition comes with an end table, a cup of hot tea, and a solid collection of Sandra Cisneros short stories.

[via ToyArk]

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