Apparently there weren’t enough ways to wreck stuff in Grand Theft Auto V already, which is why one player modded the game to include Iron Man’s “Hulkbuster” armor from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

YouTuber LioN KollA shows off the Hulkbuster in the video above. Modder JulioNIB created the suit, which is technically a “mini” version of the Hulk-sized armor from the film and Marvel comics. It still packs all the accoutrements though, including machine guns, laser beams, and the ability to fly.

Hulkbuster isn’t JulioNIB’s first stab at adding Iron Man armor to GTA V, but it definitely looks the coolest. Now the game just needs some enemies that are up to the task of fighting it, unlike the random Los Santos cops, who tend to burst into flames or get smashed under flying cars when challenging the lumbering armor suit.