Miss August 2011 Iryna Ivanova is quite ambitious. And she loves a good challenge. The Ukraine native is in school for her MBA, but not for reasons you’d think. Ten years from now, she hopes to be in the fashion industry. We caught up with Iryna on Wednesday for the latest installment of Facetime. Be sure to see Iryna’s full pictorial in this month’s issue of Playboy and also the Cyber Club.

Mo Waja: What is your greatest fear?Iryna: **I am afraid of the wind because when I was growing up in Ukraine there were strong winds all the time. It ruined this balcony we had, which was all glass. So to this day I’m still paranoid about the wind.**

Thomas Andersen: If you had a chance to go back in time and change something, what would that be?Iryna: **I wouldn’t. I’ve made some mistakes in the past but I’m glad I did because now I’ve learned from it. But I do admit I made mistakes.**

Karl Jayson Torres: If the world would come to an end in 12 hours, what would you do with your remaining time?Iryna: **I would go see my grandma because she is my favorite person in the world. She lives in Ukraine but she’s one of those cool grandmas who modern and up to date so I always talk to her on Skype during my lunch breaks.**

Michael DeFrancisco: Who or what is your biggest inspiration? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?Iryna: **My biggest inspiration is my grandma. I always go to her with any advice I need. I see myself in 10 years somewhere in a big city in the fashion industry.**

Lonnie D. Mahurin: What are your hobbies?Iryna: I love dancing. I love animals so I like to spend time with my dogs. I love shopping and I love makeup so I spend hours in a store like Sephora.****

Michael Thomas: What would you say has been your biggest achievement?Iryna: **My biggest achievement would definitely have to be being in Playboy. I know it was in my pictorial, but school was a great achievement but I can go to many schools. There’s only one Playboy, so I’m definitely proud of that.**

Amylee Hollomon: What made you want to do Playboy?Iryna: **I always wanted to do it and the first reason was so that 10 years from now I could look back and tell myself I tried because it’s better to try than to not. So I decided to try and I got it.**

Sasha Rakhmanov: I was impressed by your educational background. How will it help your career?Iryna: **Well, the reason I’m going to school is not so much for the future. It’s for myself. I feel good about accomplishing something. It’s not about the money. It’s about accomplishing something for me to feel good.**

Luis Coll: If you had to choose a man to spend the rest of your life with, what would you look for in that man and why?*Iryna: *Well first of all he needs to be manly, but not too controlling. And he needs to be able to go and travel to the Ukraine to meet my grandma. That’s important to me. He definitely has to have his swag on. He needs to pay attention to me. He needs to be on the same level as I am in terms of taking care of himself.

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