A rumor was floating around the internet recently courtesy of Bleeding Cool that a third, two-part Avengers film would be the most expensive movie ever; but if Latino Review’s sources are correct, Batman vs Superman might snake that title first.

We’ve been hearing that Marvel Studios isn’t the only superhero house that’s been having issues with ballooning budgets. We’ve also heard that Warner Bros is willing to drop a lot of money on Zack Snyder’s vision for a Marvel-competitive DC cinematic universe.

Right now, “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice"s budget has ballooned to $410 million dollars. That means it is in the running for being the most expensive movie ever shot. The current record holder is "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” according to financial statements obtained by Forbes.

There’s no telling yet exactly why, or how this movie has garnered such an expensive bill, but hopefully we’ll be see the results of those millions pay for big thrills on the silver screen.