Democrats across the country have been calling for some kind of a decision as to Biden’s future candidacy for the office of the President for weeks now, with a recent poll estimating that half of Democrats hope to see him in the running. Biden didn’t make an appearance at the first Democratic debate, but that may soon be changing.

FOX News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry seems to think he’s still weighing his options and expects him to make an announcement as soon as this week:

Some wonder if a potential announcement could be tied to his differing account of the decision to raid the location where Osama Bin Laden was eventually killed that came earlier this week, a claim that could come back to bite him should he make an enemy of leading Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

As far as the other horses in the race are faring, candidate Jim Webb is dropping his campaign after a poor showing in the first Democratic debate but may still be mulling over an independent bid for the presidency. Donald Trump and Ben Carson, believed the be the current front-runners for the Republican party, will be receiving precautionary protection from the Secret Service this week.