Quentin Tarantino was one of the many voices at this year’s Comic-Con, and during a panel for his new feature, the Hateful 8 he admitted that there’s hope for a third volume of Kill Bill, and hinted that there’s a chance that we’ll be seeing him in our living rooms someday.

After speaking at length about his plans to shoot Hateful 8 entirely on film, he dropped this line about his potential to go to a network like HBO if studios start trying to force him to move to digital:

He’d have it no other way, even as the rest of the industry begins its inexorable march to all-digital shooting and projection; to Tarantino, that’s like watching “HBO in public,” and if it continues, he threatened, “Maybe I should just move to TV.”

Tarantino has long-threatened that his upcoming films will be his last, and earlier this year was teasing plans to retire after he finishes his tenth one, but now says that maybe after he stops making movies, he could make the jump to mini-series.

“If I can’t shoot on film, we’ll see what happens. My scripts get cut down anyway. If I wrote a script and it’s eight hours, then we’ll be all good.”

Let’s hope that when HBO comes calling, that Tarantino picks up the phone.

Check out the entire Hateful 8 Comic-Con panel below: