This clip could be a number of different things. My first guess is that this is an outtake from Mad Max: Fury Road. Upon consideration, though, I don’t remember them having segways in that film. And even if they did, they’d probably hire someone who knew how to work it. My second guess, since this was posted to Katy Perry’s Instagram account, is that this is an excerpt from a new music video she’s filming. I can definitely sense a California Love type of vibe, if that were the case. Unfortunately, it is not.

The real explanation for this video? Katy Perry decided she wanted to go to Burning Man. So, obviously, Katy Perry went to Burning Man. She brought her segway with her, which she obviously doesn’t have much practice with. I wonder if the people partying around her knew that it was Katy Perry. She was totally covered up, as one often needs to be in the middle of the desert. It would be impossible to see that it’s Katy Perry, although I feel like she has a distinct smell or possibly a visible glow around her.

🔥🚨obvious first time burner alert🚨🔥

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