Damn that Justin Bieber. I don’t know if I dislike him because of his perceived douchey aura, or because I’m jealous of how talented and rich he is and how he has the best life ever and doesn’t care one single bit about what I think about him. It’s probably the first one. Yeah, I bet it’s that.

Justin just keeps adding to his “What?? Why him???” case, this time being photographed out for a hike in LA with model Jayde Pierce. It’s yet to be known if the two are an item of if this was just two insanely attractive people spending a platonic afternoon together.

I’ve actually been noticing Jayde quite a bit as of late. She’s been hanging out with the gang over at Taz’s Angels, a collection of attractive women who seem to spend all day tanning, working out, snapchatting, and partying. They’ve become such a commodity that they now get flown all over the map to throw parties in different cities. If you aren’t already, then you should absolutely be following them on Snapchat and Instagram.

I’m not exactly sure what they do, though. I don’t want to speculate, but they sure do live in a nice, big mansion in Miami. They also drive around in the nicest of cars, they spend all day tanning by the water in bikinis, they go out partying VIP-style every night, and they’re a group of young, attractive girls with a semi-anonymous stable-head named Taz. I have no idea how they can afford such lifestyles, or how the brand makes it’s money, but I sure do love it regardless.

Either way, here are some more pictures of Jayde Pierce to make your day better. And you don’t have to buy any bottles. Ogle freely.

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Oh, and as if she wasn’t hot enough to begin with… check out her accent.