Lucasfilm is rolling into San Diego Comic-Con this week for a big Star Wars panel, and we were expecting at least one or two surprises, but now it seems someone may have already spoiled what the studio was set to unveil. On the heels of yesterday’s announcement that a Han Solo spinoff movie is due in 2018, this image surfaced on Imgur, which seems to reveal all of Disney and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars movie plans for the near future.

Now, we already knew about episodes VIII and IX, as well as Rogue One, the first spinoff film set to come out next year, but the other two titles are interesting. If Kenobi: The Balance of the Force is real, that would confirm a persistent rumor, as would the Solo/Fett film. But of course, there’s the very real possibility that this is fake.

The image ostensibly comes from Lucasfilm’s tech rehearsal for its Friday presentation at Comic-Con, but there are a couple of things to note here that make this dubious. First, yesterday’s Han Solo movie news mentioned nothing about Boba Fett, the other half of this purported movie. And second, there’s the ordering of these films. The three at the top all already have release dates, and they will release in that order, which would lead you to assume that the films are all ordered chronologically. The thing is, they can’t be, because the Han Solo film announced yesterday already has a May 25, 2018 release date, and we don’t expect Episode IX until at least 2019. So, either there are two Han Solo movies happening and one of them is weirdly absent from this graphic, the films aren’t actually arranged chronologically for some puzzling reason, or this is all just made up.

Whatever the case, we’ll likely have a better idea of Disney’s Star Wars plans by the end of the week.