For those of you who feel like bringing a bit of Islamofascism into the bedroom, the hacker collective Anonymous might have just the thing.

According to Haaretz, the shadowy Internet vigilantes are offering to sell thongs and G-strings branded with the Islamic State’s battle flag. The idea is not to show support for ISIS, but rather to piss off its members and sympathizers.

As the video above demonstrates, there’s nothing more patriotic than an American flag thong/bra/bikini/etc. Where as every red-blooded American intrinsically knows that to be true, Islamic fundamentalists are not as keen to have their flags come into contact with female genitals. Weird, right?

Sadly, after a cursory glance at the Twitter feed behind the post, I think it’s safe to say these items are not actually going to be for sale, and it’s just meant as a joke. Hence the hashtag “#TrollingISIS.” But who knows? Maybe Anonymous will surprise us and branch out into the women’s undergarment business.

(Source: Haaretz)